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How To Set Styles In Microsoft Word

Ok, so you know how much I love Word’s styles feature. It’s fabulous. Not only does it allow you to change the look of a document on a whim, it can save you a whole heap of time. And when you’re working on a… Continue Reading “How To Set Styles In Microsoft Word”

How A Cartoon Helped Me Relax (And It Can Help You Too)

Running a business can be a pain. Ok, it can be brilliant, but it isn’t all kittens and roses. Every waking minute can revolve around your business. When you’re not doing your actual job, you’re thinking about it, about ways to improve it and… Continue Reading “How A Cartoon Helped Me Relax (And It Can Help You Too)”

Away Days are Good

When you are a home-based freelancer, sometimes you just have to get away. I don’t mean just to escape the drudgery of everyday life, we all need that… I mean get away, meet other people and get a bit of training in. It’s all… Continue Reading “Away Days are Good”