I don’t just provide you with good writing – I give you confidence and free up your time.

You’re looking for someone to help you with your writing?

Want to know how much it’s going to cost?

No one likes a nasty surprise.

Here’s a quick price breakdown.

Feel free to contact me with details of your project if it doesn’t fit into the following categories.

Businesses Services

I provide both copy editing and copywriting services.

As a rule of thumb my day rate starts at £350.
Flat fees will vary according to the nature of the work, including project scope and size.

Packages include:

brochure edit, flyer edit, promotional material, flyer, brochure
Website health check, edit, proofread, engaging web writing

“We have found her very professional, with all our work requirements meeting the required deadlines for our leading worldwide clients, which include Cunard, Isle of Man Government, Brittany Ferries and P&O.”

Miles Cowsill, Managing Director, Lily Publications, Isle of Man


Other services available:

Got an idea for a book or ebook? I can help you sort out the content or even ghostwrite it for you.

Don’t know where to start? Contact me for my consulting services.

Author Services

I am a fully trained, professional editor, so your book is in safe hands.

As a rule of thumb my rate starts at £12 per 1000 words for proofreading, and £15 per 1000 words for a copyedit.

Flat fees will vary according to the nature of the work, including project scope and size.

Packages include:

Triage Edit – for when ‘good enough’ is good enough £10 per 1000 words

Manuscript Assessments (Critiques) £500 for books up to 80k words, £650 for 80k–100k words

(covering content , presentation and format, pace and plot development, characterisation and voice, target audience, writing – strengths and weaknesses, spelling, punctuation, grammar, language, structure and the overall writing of the book)

Mini Manuscript Assessment of the first 10,000 words of your book £175

proofreading, copyedit, copyediting, copy-edit, developmental edit

“Greatly encouraged by Sara’s professional support and adhering to the salient points made, I am writing with a lot more care and more confidence.”

Jo Elvery


Why price ranges?

A price range is often needed. Many factors add to the difficulty level of the job  e.g. the state of the writing, the subject matter, the level of writing (subject specialists v.s. general audience, academic text v.s. popular fiction) etc.

This is why editors and proofreaders ask to see a sample of your text before committing to any work.

As a rule of thumb a straightforward, well-written novel will take around 2,500–3,000 words per hour to copyedit, and a final proofread will be slightly quicker.

Business editing varies due to subject matter and medium.

Extra costs?

Urgency – shorter deadlines will add to the cost of the project. Evening, weekend work and rush jobs will also attract a premium (even independent consultants need time off).

Best book in advance and avoid the extra charges!

Scope creep – if you ask me to do work that was not agreed to in the initial quote / consultation, extra charges will be incurred. You will be advised of these before the work proceeds.

Please note, there is a minimum charge of £50 for smaller jobs.

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