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How to Delete Styles in Microsoft Word

Time for a very quick article. You know how to work with styles in Word. You know how to save style sets, allowing you to call upon your favourite styles whenever you need them. Now, learn how to delete them.   To delete a… Continue Reading “How to Delete Styles in Microsoft Word”

How To Set Styles In Microsoft Word

Ok, so you know how much I love Word’s styles feature. It’s fabulous. Not only does it allow you to change the look of a document on a whim, it can save you a whole heap of time. And when you’re working on a… Continue Reading “How To Set Styles In Microsoft Word”

Your Guide to Using Styles in Word

Styles Make Your Writing Better. Well, ok, they won’t make your writing better, but they make it a hell of a lot easier to format. Styles also make it a LOT easier if you change your mind and want to create a new look… Continue Reading “Your Guide to Using Styles in Word”