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10 quick ways to improve your business writing skills

simple points to improve your business writing skills

This week I was going to write about something completely different It’s been a full-on week and I never quite got to write anything (hey, I’m only human, shit happens). But Twitter threw me a curveball the other day that totally blew my mind… Continue Reading “10 quick ways to improve your business writing skills”

Personas for your business marketing (and a quick how-to or two)

You need to focus They’re your perfect customer. You want to talk to them. You know it’s easier to talk to your one perfect customer than to talk to a whole room full of them, so it’s good to get the idea of Mr… Continue Reading “Personas for your business marketing (and a quick how-to or two)”

Why should my business use a writer?

Why bother hiring a writer?

Writer, copywriter, copy writer, content writer. Like editors, there are a fair few names for them. There are subtle distinctions, like a copywriter usually focuses on marketing and advertising and a content writer usually focuses on content, such as blogs, ebooks and the like.… Continue Reading “Why should my business use a writer?”