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Personas for your business marketing (and a quick how-to or two)

You need to focus They’re your perfect customer. You want to talk to them. You know it’s easier to talk to your one perfect customer than to talk to a whole room full of them, so it’s good to get the idea of Mr… Continue Reading “Personas for your business marketing (and a quick how-to or two)”

The Perfectpreneur

Have you ever had the feeling that it’s all too much? That freelance life is just too hard and you’re not up to it. You see all those ultra-professional, ultra-successful entrepreneurs and wonder how they did it. Got to where they are now. How… Continue Reading “The Perfectpreneur”

In Response To 2016

This year may very well be a make or break year for me. Like all self-respecting freelances (or whatever we may call ourselves) I have a business plan. It’s a pretty loose plan if I’m honest, but it’s still there sitting in my work… Continue Reading “In Response To 2016”