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5 Steps To Effective Communication

Let’s get things straight. Writing is a form of communication. Your English may be perfect, but if you can’t communicate well, your audience is going to give up pretty quickly So here are a few quick tips for effective communication: 1. Know what you… Continue Reading “5 Steps To Effective Communication”

How to Delete Styles in Microsoft Word

Time for a very quick article. You know how to work with styles in Word. You know how to save style sets, allowing you to call upon your favourite styles whenever you need them. Now, learn how to delete them.   To delete a… Continue Reading “How to Delete Styles in Microsoft Word”

What to Expect from the Editorial Process

  You’ve written your book (or your business documentation), done all your groundwork, sorted out your budget and found an editor you’d like to work with. So what happens next? What can you expect from working with an editor? Every editor is different. Just… Continue Reading “What to Expect from the Editorial Process”