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What I Learned From My Creative Writing Courses

As an editor I’m trained to edit. I can take an author’s book and polish it. I can address the grammar, spelling and flow along with all the other editory type things that us editors do. I can tell an author what’s working and… Continue Reading “What I Learned From My Creative Writing Courses”

Bullet Journals Arent Too Shabby

How do you organise your working notes? Do you use Word docs, notepads or lots of pieces of paper? Or perhaps you use desk planners, whiteboards, wall calendars, big diaries, little diaries or the calendar on your phone or computer. There’s also the floor,… Continue Reading “Bullet Journals Arent Too Shabby”

When One Door Closes

This week has been a momentous one for me. Work has been plodding along nicely, but on Thursday I submitted my creative writing course end of module assignment. When I enrolled on the OU Creative Writing course A215 I really didn’t know what I… Continue Reading “When One Door Closes”