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Brilliant Blogs

When you’re an independent consultant, freelancer, sole trader or lone wolf business person it’s very easy to get stuck in your ways. It’s also very easy to get bogged down with work, or the search for work, and forget that there’s a whole world… Continue Reading “Brilliant Blogs”

How To Set Styles In Microsoft Word

Ok, so you know how much I love Word’s styles feature. It’s fabulous. Not only does it allow you to change the look of a document on a whim, it can save you a whole heap of time. And when you’re working on a… Continue Reading “How To Set Styles In Microsoft Word”

How to Deal with Tracked Changes in Word

When you receive an edited file from your editor, your first thoughts might be quite overwhelming. You’ve spent weeks, months or even years getting your document just right. Or so you thought. You open up your Word document, and there in front of you… Continue Reading “How to Deal with Tracked Changes in Word”