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What to Expect from the Editorial Process

  You’ve written your book (or your business documentation), done all your groundwork, sorted out your budget and found an editor you’d like to work with. So what happens next? What can you expect from working with an editor? Every editor is different. Just… Continue Reading “What to Expect from the Editorial Process”

Copy Editors Matter

Yesterday copy editors on Twitter came out in solidarity with their colleagues in the New York Times. The paper is reported to be shifting to be more reporter focussed and is cutting down on the number of copy editors in the team from over… Continue Reading “Copy Editors Matter”

Anonymity And The Copy Editor: Is It Time To Be Recognised?

As an editor I often like to remain anonymous. As a copy editor I feel that I’m just polishing the author’s intentions and getting their ‘real’ story out there. We all know what it’s like to be tongue-tied, that feeling that you know what… Continue Reading “Anonymity And The Copy Editor: Is It Time To Be Recognised?”