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Who should edit my book?

If you’ve written a book and you intend to get it published this is probably a question you’ve asked yourself. And you may have been going round and round in circles trying to figure it out. If you’ve hit the jackpot and managed to… Continue Reading “Who should edit my book?”

5 Steps To Effective Communication

Let’s get things straight. Writing is a form of communication. Your English may be perfect, but if you can’t communicate well, your audience is going to give up pretty quickly So here are a few quick tips for effective communication: 1. Know what you… Continue Reading “5 Steps To Effective Communication”

5 Ways To Communicate Well

I’ve been away (did you miss me?). I had a lovely, well-deserved, trip home to meet my new nephew. But as usual the drive south was eventful. Every time I hit the Forth Road Bridge (not literally), once I get over the water, I… Continue Reading “5 Ways To Communicate Well”