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How to simplify your message when writing for your business

Keep it Simple

In the last couple of articles we’ve concentrated on why storytelling is good for your business. But it’s no good if you waffle so much that your customers lose the plot. Now, ok, I’ll admit I have a tendency to waffle occasionally. But that’s…

Why storytelling builds connections with your customers

Keiss Castle, Caithness

If you’ve read my last blog post, you’ll know why storytelling helps you stand out from the crowd. This week we’ll concentrate on why storytelling builds a connection with your customers. Whether you’re a service-based industry or a seller of products, you’re going to…

Why a good story can help your business stand out from the crowd

Once upon a time there was a storyteller for businesses

This post’s going to be a quick one. It’s been a very busy few weeks. You don’t want to hear about what makes this freelancer tick, do you? What I’ve been getting up to that’s a bit different to the usual work/play thing? Or…