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Fact Checking – Vital or a Waste of Time?

Hmmmm. I spend a lot of my time editing non-fiction; no matter how much I love fiction, the factual stuff takes up more of my time at the moment. And with factual editing comes fact checking. Now, you may have a client who says… Continue Reading “Fact Checking – Vital or a Waste of Time?”

A Five-Step Business Communication Model

  Good communication is important. Great communication is desirable Bad communication can be bad for business.   This week I’ve come across all three. A lovely example of great communication came from a large retail company. In July I bought a USB cable for… Continue Reading “A Five-Step Business Communication Model”

No Bullshit Please

Last week I wrote about having a bad year. It wasn’t a massively thought out post, it was just a ‘no bullshit’ scribbling when, being perfectly honest, I could think of nothing else to write about. But it turned into one of the most… Continue Reading “No Bullshit Please”