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When Customer Support Fails

    I’m writing this in my kitchen, listening to an old ‘You Must Remember This’ podcast* and trying to calm down. You see, I’ve spent ALL day (and a lot of yesterday afternoon) arguing with the Customer ‘Support’ department of a well known… Continue Reading “When Customer Support Fails”

Your Five Point Website Check

With the type of work I do I often have to check out websites. They could be shop websites, private businesses or blogs. They come in all shapes and sizes, from small one-page shop fronts, to large corporate websites. But there is one thing… Continue Reading “Your Five Point Website Check”

10 Quick Checks That Could Save Your Website

Typos are making the news again. This month the Chicago Tribune has reported that a number of journalism graduates received diplomas listing their major as “Itegrated Marketing Communications” rather than Integrated (see… with an N). I hope they get new certificates! It may not… Continue Reading “10 Quick Checks That Could Save Your Website”