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Testing Testimonials

  To use testimonials or not? This is a difficult one. If you are a freelancer you will find lots of advice on how testimonials are vital for business. New clients will not find their way to you without them. Put them in pride… Continue Reading “Testing Testimonials”

Newsletters for Business

Friend, foe or flippin nuisance? We’ve all seen it…  you go to your inbox and find you have to wade through a million newsletters and advertising emails to get to the ones that count. Ok, maybe not a million, but some days it REALLY… Continue Reading “Newsletters for Business”

Job Descriptions Unleashed

Being freelance doesn’t necessarily mean having to stay freelance all the time. There are opportunities out there for a freelancer to supplement their freelance career with the odd stint of employment, working alongside their not so regular commissions. Particularly if the work offered is… Continue Reading “Job Descriptions Unleashed”