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The January slow down – or how my freelance work dried up

drought, desert, lack of work

    I’ve been awol for a while. Did you notice? It’s been a mad two months and something had to give. That something was my blog.   Now, normally I would apologise, but for the sake of all things healthy I’m not going… Continue Reading “The January slow down – or how my freelance work dried up”

Time to switch off

If there’s one thing I’ve found, after all these years of being a freelance genealogist and editorial type, it’s that sometimes it can be monumentally difficult to switch off. For example, this afternoon I was in the travel agent’s in town, and while waiting… Continue Reading “Time to switch off”

The Truthful Blog Post

It’s Friday. I haven’t written a blog post. Well, I have one half-written, but it turned out boring AF.