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The best copywriting book I’ve read

Today’s a good day. I won the Being Freelance Community Non-Employee of the Week Award (yaaay me!). It was announced by Steve, our glorious leader, this morning. The fig rolls shall me mine. What? You don’t know about the Being Freelance Community? Come over… Continue Reading “The best copywriting book I’ve read”

The Summer of Secrets

The Summer of Secrets Sarah Jasmon Everyone has a summer that they remember. It could be a childhood summer of roller skates, paddling-pools and ice-cream or an adult summer of sun, sea and sangria. There are adventurous summers, rainy summers and lazy summers. Then… Continue Reading “The Summer of Secrets”

The Museum of Things Left Behind

The Museum of Things Left Behind Seni Glaister As I write this, the country seems to be gripped in election fever… something that Sergio Scorpioni, president of Vallerosa is dreading. However, unlike the UK, the tiny country hidden somewhere near Italy is ruled by… Continue Reading “The Museum of Things Left Behind”