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Your Editorial Professionals

Reasons to hire an editor AND a proofreader. This week I’m here to remind you why it is important to have your books both edited and proofread. Whether you are a publishing company, or a self-publishing author, both parts of the publication process are… Continue Reading “Your Editorial Professionals”

Spelling: Fluidity and Style

As an editor, spelling variations and mistakes are an everyday occurrence. It’s part of the life of an editor to make sure that everything is standardised as much as possible and that a document is legible and in the correct format. We can toggle… Continue Reading “Spelling: Fluidity and Style”

Content Consultancy for Business

Way back in March and May I penned a couple of blog posts about why businesses need editors. A lot of my other posts have also touched on the subject too, after all it’s not just publishers who should benefit. But recently it’s been… Continue Reading “Content Consultancy for Business”