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How To Get Your Word Document Ready For Your Editor

  When your document is ready to send to your editor you’ll want to have it set out to look as professional as possible. This isn’t just to make it look good. It’s to make it easy for your editor to navigate the manuscript… Continue Reading “How To Get Your Word Document Ready For Your Editor”

Bullet Journals Arent Too Shabby

How do you organise your working notes? Do you use Word docs, notepads or lots of pieces of paper? Or perhaps you use desk planners, whiteboards, wall calendars, big diaries, little diaries or the calendar on your phone or computer. There’s also the floor,… Continue Reading “Bullet Journals Arent Too Shabby”

How I Prioritise

  Yesterday I forgot to post a blog post. Totally forgot. I actually, really, honestly forgot what day it was. This last week I’ve been juggling work with a side project, some CPD, OU coursework (it’s been submission week for an assessment) and panto… Continue Reading “How I Prioritise”