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Conference Call

I’m just back from a week away at my second SfEP conference. Although the get together was over the last weekend, Saturday 10th to Monday 12th September, it takes me so long to get anywhere that the only sensible thing to do is combine… Continue Reading “Conference Call”

How To Survive First Contact With Your Editor

Right, let’s admit something right at the start. Talking to someone you don’t know, even if it’s by email, is scary (don’t even get me onto phone calls!). We always worry about seeming too formal/informal/pushy/weak/ignorant etc. It can be worse when the communication is… Continue Reading “How To Survive First Contact With Your Editor”

Dance To Your Own Tune

It’s another new year. Last year, for me, was a bit up and down. There were more spaces in my schedule than I would have liked, but I also worked on some really interesting projects, including a cookery book which is something I’ve always… Continue Reading “Dance To Your Own Tune”