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Green Hair, Don’t Care

I’ve had green hair now for about three and a half years. Before that I had most colours under the sun – apart from blonde, I could never ‘do’ blonde as I’m pale with a slightly ginger tinge, and it just makes me look… Continue Reading “Green Hair, Don’t Care”

All About Me

I’ll let you into a secret…I nearly forgot to write my blog post this week. It’s been such a busy week, both professionally and at home, that it very nearly didn’t get written. And there was a food shop involved… with a partner off… Continue Reading “All About Me”

The Apostrophe in Branding

The humble apostrophe has made the news again. As I settled down to my toast and home-made jam on Saturday morning there was a discussion on BBC Breakfast news about this much misused punctuation mark. So why the worries this time? Well, a runner-up… Continue Reading “The Apostrophe in Branding”