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Poisoned Island … Antidote to boredom

The Poisoned Island by Lloyd Shepherd Publisher: Simon & Schuster A mysterious island in the Pacific, its inhabitants fighting for survival amidst the arrival of European travellers; the emerging wonders of the gardens at Kew; the ship Solander back from a mission; a Magistrate and his… Continue Reading “Poisoned Island … Antidote to boredom”

The Armchair Wanderer

A review of The Longest Way Home by Andrew McCarthy (and a way of following in his footsteps without all the scary bits) Andrew McCarthy is a travel writer. He was once a film star, a teen idol and a sensitive teen; he still acts… Continue Reading “The Armchair Wanderer”

The Classic Cocktail Bible

You may have noticed from my first posting that there will be reviews on here. Don’t worry, it wont be ALL reviews, but as I have a few nice items here I am starting by reviewing a few. The latest fits in nicely with… Continue Reading “The Classic Cocktail Bible”