You deserve to be heard.

Your lack of writing skills shouldn’t stand in the way.

Let’s get to the heart of your writing.

If you’re an author looking for some help: if you want to make sure your writing is practically perfect, and want great customer service, then you’ve come to the right place

If you run a business and want help with your writing, then you’ve come to the right place too. Let’s get your business writing, and the writing on your website, something you can be proud of. 

I’m Sara, a copyeditor and copywriter and I can help you make your words bloody fabulous. 

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You’ll find what I do over on my services page, and my prices on my pricing page. Here are a few choice snippets about me (we all like to know who we’re going to be working with):

  • I specialise in helping UK businesses and authors of heritage and history.
  • I write and edit so you don’t have to.
  • Like you, I believe in the personal touch in business (and if you’re an author, you’ll know – it’s a business as well as a passion).
  • I’m a Yorkshire lass based in the beautiful far north of Scotland – looking out of my living room window I can see the Orkneys, when it’s not raining or they’re shrouded in mist.
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  • After moving north I set up as a professional genealogist, and although this has taken a back seat to my editing and writing career, I do still occasionally like to don my Sherlock hat and get stuck into some lovely research. 
  • I belong to two Cardigan corgis.
  • I’m an Advanced Professional member of the Chartered Institute of Editing and Proofreading (CIEP), I adhere to their code of practice, and I’m a member of ProCopywriters (the alliance of commercial writers). I’m trained by the CIEP and the Publishing Training Centre. And I’m damn good at what I do.

Problems I help you solve:

You’ve written a book but need to make sure that your writing is correct

Editing or proofreading your book will get it ready for your readership. I’m highly skilled and will help you keep your authorial voice, while ensuring your writing meets the highest standards of editorial excellence. Services include –

Editing or proofreading your book or story

Assessing your manuscript and helping you move forward

You run a business, but you’re not a writer

Don’t worry! Editing will get your writing into shape, or I can write your content for you. We’ll work closely together to get everything right. Services include –

  • Website editing and proofreading
  • Website health checks
  • Writing your website content for you
  • Helping you by writing or editing brochures, flyers and other business materials

Why bother working with an editor or copywriter?

When you concentrate on your business (yes, even you authors are running a business!) it’s hard to spot when words go wrong. We all get too close to our content and miss those little things (and sometimes big things) that others will pick up on.

Investing in your writing is worth the effort. It shows the world you’re proud of your creation and want to share it with them.

Oh, one more thing about me … I have green hair.

Sara Donaldson / Northern Editorial cartoon

Ready to work with me?

Email me now and let’s chat!


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