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How To Make Your Historical Fiction Believable

Writing historical fiction isn’t easy. You don’t just have to have a brilliant storyline and interesting characters, you also have to be as historically accurate as possible. This is one genre where there are readers who will gleefully tell you you’re wrong and pick… Continue Reading “How To Make Your Historical Fiction Believable”

Spelling: Fluidity and Style

As an editor, spelling variations and mistakes are an everyday occurrence. It’s part of the life of an editor to make sure that everything is standardised as much as possible and that a document is legible and in the correct format. We can toggle… Continue Reading “Spelling: Fluidity and Style”

Poisoned Island … Antidote to boredom

The Poisoned Island by Lloyd Shepherd Publisher: Simon & Schuster A mysterious island in the Pacific, its inhabitants fighting for survival amidst the arrival of European travellers; the emerging wonders of the gardens at Kew; the ship Solander back from a mission; a Magistrate and his… Continue Reading “Poisoned Island … Antidote to boredom”