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The Summer of Secrets

The Summer of Secrets Sarah Jasmon Everyone has a summer that they remember. It could be a childhood summer of roller skates, paddling-pools and ice-cream or an adult summer of sun, sea and sangria. There are adventurous summers, rainy summers and lazy summers. Then… Continue Reading “The Summer of Secrets”

Watching the Watchman

Unless you’ve been living somewhere remote, without internet connection, television or newspapers, you will have realised by now that Harper Lee’s Go Set A Watchman has been published. The Telegraph, among others, gave an overview of critics’ thoughts of the book and, from what… Continue Reading “Watching the Watchman”

The Weightless World

weightless balloons

The Weightless World Anthony Trevelyan Galley Beggar Press Pub: 18th June 2015 ‘I need to find Ess and look him in the face and tell him pretty much that the whole deal is slipping away from us. And then, if he wants to… Continue Reading “The Weightless World”