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End of Year Reflections of an Editor and Writer

  Around about this time of year it becomes apparent that we’re all human, and sometimes something’s got to give. This year, for me, it was Christmas cards (again) and house decorations (again). It’s not that I don’t get into the Christmas spirit, it’s… Continue Reading “End of Year Reflections of an Editor and Writer”

Conference Time

On the 5th September I managed to find my way to York University (not such a big adventure as I know York pretty well) and began a weekend that was as fun, but also as professional, as I had hoped it would be. For… Continue Reading “Conference Time”

Step Out of the Zone

  How often have you stepped out of your comfort zone this year? Once? Twice? Never? It’s something that doesn’t come easily to many of us, yet it can be enriching and very worthwhile. Personally, stepping out of your comfort zone can allow you… Continue Reading “Step Out of the Zone”