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How To Make Your Historical Fiction Believable

Writing historical fiction isn’t easy. You don’t just have to have a brilliant storyline and interesting characters, you also have to be as historically accurate as possible. This is one genre where there are readers who will gleefully tell you you’re wrong and pick… Continue Reading “How To Make Your Historical Fiction Believable”

Career Development Can Be Fun

  It’s half past two on a Friday and I still haven’t written my blog. Normally I would be panicking, but today I’m not. You see, the reason I am late with this week’s missive is that I have been buried in some ‘stuff’.… Continue Reading “Career Development Can Be Fun”

When One Door Closes

This week has been a momentous one for me. Work has been plodding along nicely, but on Thursday I submitted my creative writing course end of module assignment. When I enrolled on the OU Creative Writing course A215 I really didn’t know what I… Continue Reading “When One Door Closes”