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Career Development Can Be Fun

  It’s half past two on a Friday and I still haven’t written my blog. Normally I would be panicking, but today I’m not. You see, the reason I am late with this week’s missive is that I have been buried in some ‘stuff’.… Continue Reading “Career Development Can Be Fun”

MOOC Mania

MOOCs are all the rage these days. They aren’t Motivational Online Occupational Consultations. Neither are they Modern Organisations for the Over Confident. Nor Mocha Oreo Overindulgence Cupcakes (oh, now that would be nice).   Nope. MOOCs are Massive Open Online Courses. They only really… Continue Reading “MOOC Mania”

Enhancing your skills

Does the phrase “Continuing Professional Development” a)      Fill you with dread b)      Make you yawn with anticipation c)      Get you making excuses why there are better things to do? Now I love learning and enhancing my professional skills, but I know some… Continue Reading “Enhancing your skills”