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Zoe and the Ghost

So this week the do-da hit the fan when Zoe Sugg aka Zoella was found to have had her book ghostwritten. Shock, horror, where are the stocks, let’s put her in them and throw rotten fruit at the Vlogger. But just hang on a… Continue Reading “Zoe and the Ghost”

Dyslexia and social media

On Children in Need night McBusted/Mcfly drummer Harry Judd made a quip, spelt allowed as aloud and immediately he was hounded for his spelling. It brings to light another aspect of social media and everyday life. When the pedants come out and make snarky… Continue Reading “Dyslexia and social media”

Honest reviews, better reviews

  This week I’m going to address something I’ve thought about for a while. I have never written about it, however, the time seems right. A Twitterstorm hit last week after author Matt Haig hit out at all the positive reviews out there in… Continue Reading “Honest reviews, better reviews”