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Beware the follower

I guess you’re all on social media. It’s a given these days that we spend a lot of our time online (remember those blissful days, way back when the internet was limited to scientists and nerds?). It’s nice to follow people, and it’s even… Continue Reading “Beware the follower”

Twitter Typo Terror

We’ve all done it…quickly typed a tweet, hit send then thought no more about it. Until you go back to your timeline and there’s a great big typo screaming at you. Sometimes you’re lucky and you realise straight away. Sometimes it’s hours. Sometimes it’s… Continue Reading “Twitter Typo Terror”

When photos go viral

Last week the Aurora Borealis (or Northern Lights) put on a spectacular display and amongst all the grainy pictures taken all over the country one picture was doing the rounds on Twitter and Facebook – supposedly coming from NASA’s Twitter feed that evening. All… Continue Reading “When photos go viral”