10 Reasons Your Business Needs An Editor

Does this sound familiar? Your business is up and running, you’ve put in more hours than you’d care to count, there’s been blood, sweat and tears but you’ve got there. It’s your baby and you want to watch it grow.

Or perhaps you are an established business, with a client base you’re proud of; you could be a sole-trader or a multi-based conglomerate. You could be a blogger, an e-trader, service provider, a shop, distributor or manufacturer. In fact you can be anything you want to be in today’s business community. But every single one of you will benefit at some point from hiring an editor or proofreader.

Don’t believe me? Read on, here are ten reasons your business needs an editor:

 thinking businessman

1. An editor is a communications specialist, an architect of your written content, a pernickety purveyor of perfection for your publications. You are a specialist in your field… so are we.

2. An editor will eliminate all those errors that a computerised spell-check can’t.  Spelling, grammar, punctuation and layout will be given a clean bill of health.

3. An editor will help you get your message across efficiently and in your own words…we won’t re-write unless you ask us to (that’s a copywriter’s job really), we advise on how to correct aspects of your writing and we respect your business’s “voice”. Your written word is enhanced not altered.

communication business dictionary

4. An editor will make sure that the information in your documents is readable and in a tone that your clients will understand.

5. An editor will help you understand when and when not to use jargon – there’s no point in using your industry’s specialist language if your intended audience won’t understand it.

6. An editor will make sure that your style is fit for purpose. Sometimes simple is best, but sometimes you will want your document style to be complex. We can help you figure it out.

document stack

7. An editor will look through your work with a sympathetic eye and can give you examples of how to improve it if that’s what you require.

8. Hiring an editor frees up your time, allowing you to concentrate on running your business.

9. Not everyone feels confident around words, sometimes you just need a little extra help.


10. An editor will quite simply, make your documents look fabulous.

If after all that you are still not sure, or think that editors only work on books, an editor can help you get the best from ALL of your written work. If you are a business I’ll bet you have some of these…

Booklets / leaflets


Annual reports

Flyers and advertising / promotional items

Ingredients lists – you won’t believe how many times I’ve seen ingredient spelt  incorrectly!


Press releases


So go on, don’t be shy… if you need help, ask an editor. That’s what we are here for!

10 Comments on “10 Reasons Your Business Needs An Editor

  1. I’m still astounded by the number of consultants peddling marketing products, and themselves, online without having checked their copy first. Spelling mistakes bring me to a grinding halt. I begin to doubt their capabilities. After all, if they can’t hire a proofreader/editor, how would they be able to help me with my business?
    And I should admit it: I’m an editor.

    • I think sometimes people and businesses become word-blind too.

      I’ll admit to the odd typo (see my previous post on that), but I’ve seen “professional” marketing information littered with mistakes, which is sad. Although the odd mistake is normal, often due to becoming too close to what you have written, it doesn’t take much to hire a professional to look over your work… if you want people to value your work you have to at least look like you’ve tried!

    • Great minds eh Michael 😉

      Love your bit –> You can’t depend on SpellCheck. (It’s true. Its true. So there. So they’re. So their.)

      Totally correct!

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