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Is your editing head always on?

One of the problems with being an editor is that, like Worzel Gummidge, sometimes you have to screw your Editing Head off and put it in the cupboard. Before I entered the hallowed corridors of editorship I rarely looked at a book with a… Continue Reading “Is your editing head always on?”

The Gordon Ramsay Effect

(or how wordsmiths can help restaurants look good too) The other day I settled down to watch Hell’s Kitchen USA. (or rather Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares as noted by Persnickety in the comments section… well done, five brownie points to you 😉 ) It was your… Continue Reading “The Gordon Ramsay Effect”

So why do businesses need an editor anyway?

Editors don’t just work on books and magazines…oh no…anything that can be read needs an editor or a proofreader. Yes, even businesses benefit from that extra set of eyes. Your business publications, website, business flyers and advertising materials attract people to you and your… Continue Reading “So why do businesses need an editor anyway?”