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Typo Time

I’ve had my head buried in work. It’s very interesting work, but this week has flown by. So I decided not to write a serious blog post (ok, I forgot, but hey a girl’s gotta pay the bills). Working with words I’m used to… Continue Reading “Typo Time”

Dyslexia and social media

On Children in Need night McBusted/Mcfly drummer Harry Judd made a quip, spelt allowed as aloud and immediately he was hounded for his spelling. It brings to light another aspect of social media and everyday life. When the pedants come out and make snarky… Continue Reading “Dyslexia and social media”

Spelling: Fluidity and Style

As an editor, spelling variations and mistakes are an everyday occurrence. It’s part of the life of an editor to make sure that everything is standardised as much as possible and that a document is legible and in the correct format. We can toggle… Continue Reading “Spelling: Fluidity and Style”