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Social Media Roundup

When you are a freelancer there will be times when you are not working at 100% productivity. There are the “brain fug” days, the “oh, my goodness is it only Wednesday” days and the “meh” days. Sometimes you can work through them and sometimes… Continue Reading “Social Media Roundup”

Lost in the Crowd

There are so many social and blogging platforms floating out here in the intertubes. It’s like looking down from one of those stunt helicopters flying overhead at Wembley Stadium, when the stadium is full to the brim of people, and trying to find your… Continue Reading “Lost in the Crowd”

Social Media – the #HireMe #FireMe water-cooler effect

Social Media is a wonderful thing. It allows us to keep in touch with family and friends, and allows us to fill our leisure time with frivolous websites (often for some reason including cats or sloths). The number of hours you can waste in… Continue Reading “Social Media – the #HireMe #FireMe water-cooler effect”