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Creative Shaming

I’ve seen a lot of talk around the internet in the past week basically shaming creatives for wanting to earn a living. Sarah Madison wrote about pirate sites that give people free access to books, and how there is a growing culture of entitlement… Continue Reading “Creative Shaming”

2014 – The Year of the Troll

  If you write a blog and happen to work in the publishing industry, the chances are you have been trolled in the last year. If you write a blog and say what you think, the chances are you have also been trolled. If… Continue Reading “2014 – The Year of the Troll”

Put the Social back into Social Media

There are a lot of social media platforms out there these days.  So many, in fact, that you can find whole long lists of them, for example the one on Wikipedia… and it’s a long one. There’s no way you can be a part… Continue Reading “Put the Social back into Social Media”