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Are You Addicted to Training?

Do you always have a course on the go? Do you regularly have more than one on the go at the same time? Are you always searching FutureLearn or Coursera for your next fix? You may be addicted to training.     Now, this… Continue Reading “Are You Addicted to Training?”

Technology Hates Me

  I’ve been working with technology since I left school. That’s a LONG time ago. I can turn my hand to pretty much anything. Over the years I’ve learnt new computer systems, tested new computer systems and helped design computer systems. All in a… Continue Reading “Technology Hates Me”

Why Words Can Kill Your Business (And What To Do About It)

  Your business thrives on words. Ok, you might think I would say that, being an editor and all, but stop for a minute. How do you get your message across to your clients and customers? Fabulous, eye-catching images and words. Lots and lots… Continue Reading “Why Words Can Kill Your Business (And What To Do About It)”