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In Response To 2016

This year may very well be a make or break year for me. Like all self-respecting freelances (or whatever we may call ourselves) I have a business plan. It’s a pretty loose plan if I’m honest, but it’s still there sitting in my work… Continue Reading “In Response To 2016”

Are You Too Nice For Business?

Are you too nice for business? It’s a serious question. When you are setting up as freelance you can plan away to your heart’s content, get everything sorted ready for the off but you will never properly understand what it’s like until you dive… Continue Reading “Are You Too Nice For Business?”


Self-sabotage. One of the most potent things in the world of freelance.   It can stop you moving forward. It can stop you bagging the job that deep down you know deserve. It can stop you realising that you are a capable, intelligent and… Continue Reading “Self-sabotage”