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Isolation in Freelancing

This week I did a rare thing and left my desk to head out into the wide world. The sun was shining, people were smiling and… there were people!! I think I’d forgotten what they looked like. It’s not just a myth that freelancing… Continue Reading “Isolation in Freelancing”

Feeling the Freelance Squeeze

We are a nation where a stiff upper lip prevails. Often, rather than voice discontent, we mentally scuff our toes in the sand, hat in hand and look at the floor, mumbling. We don’t like to complain, even when things become slightly uncomfortable. Compensation… Continue Reading “Feeling the Freelance Squeeze”

Ten Confidence Boosters for Freelances

freelance confidence levels falling

  We’ve all been there. Your confidence has hit rock bottom, your freelance dream has become a fitful nightmare of deadlines and demanding clients (or worse, no deadlines and no clients) and you think you’re rubbish. You think that everyone else thinks you’re rubbish… Continue Reading “Ten Confidence Boosters for Freelances”