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5 Ways Towards Ethical Working

  Ethics. Is it something you think about at work? Most people get by. Some people actively seek out their employer’s ethics statement. Some people don’t even care. However, when you are freelance the ethics are down to you. Are you ‘in it for… Continue Reading “5 Ways Towards Ethical Working”

To Specialise or not to Specialise

  It’s been a tough few weeks. You get them every now and again, but you just ride on through and wait till you get to the other side. There will be times when client schedules slide and collide and there is nothing you… Continue Reading “To Specialise or not to Specialise”

Time To Kill The Monster

If there’s one thing that raises its ugly head from time to time, and threatens to undermine all freelancers, it’s imposter syndrome. I don’t know a single freelancer who hasn’t been hit with it at some point. It starts off as a niggle … ‘oh,… Continue Reading “Time To Kill The Monster”