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Testing Testimonials

  To use testimonials or not? This is a difficult one. If you are a freelancer you will find lots of advice on how testimonials are vital for business. New clients will not find their way to you without them. Put them in pride… Continue Reading “Testing Testimonials”

The Summer of Secrets

The Summer of Secrets Sarah Jasmon Everyone has a summer that they remember. It could be a childhood summer of roller skates, paddling-pools and ice-cream or an adult summer of sun, sea and sangria. There are adventurous summers, rainy summers and lazy summers. Then… Continue Reading “The Summer of Secrets”

Honest reviews, better reviews

  This week I’m going to address something I’ve thought about for a while. I have never written about it, however, the time seems right. A Twitterstorm hit last week after author Matt Haig hit out at all the positive reviews out there in… Continue Reading “Honest reviews, better reviews”