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Honest reviews, better reviews

  This week I’m going to address something I’ve thought about for a while. I have never written about it, however, the time seems right. A Twitterstorm hit last week after author Matt Haig hit out at all the positive reviews out there in… Continue Reading “Honest reviews, better reviews”

Errors be gone… train your brain

When you are working on screen all day it’s easy to miss things. You’ve done your checks… done them again, and done another check just to be sure. If you are lucky someone else checks, and perhaps checks again (hence the importance of a… Continue Reading “Errors be gone… train your brain”

Indexes – Vital Information Tools (honestly)

Now bear with me… this may seem like a boring subject, but I hope to dispel that a bit. Indexes are important data retrieval devices. Ok… devices may be too strong a word, but despite what you may think, full text search is nowhere… Continue Reading “Indexes – Vital Information Tools (honestly)”