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Do You Really Know What You Want?

A long time ago I posted an article on how to get what you want, but what if you really don’t know what treatment you want or need for your documents to start with? It’s tricky, there are so many bits of jargon floating… Continue Reading “Do You Really Know What You Want?”

Do You Really Need An Editor?

do I need an editor infograph

After last week’s article on which editor to use, I thought I’d follow up this week with some information on whether you actually need to use an editor. I could write a long post, but instead I’ll direct you to a couple of posts I… Continue Reading “Do You Really Need An Editor?”

Novel Polishing

This year I sat down on November 1st with the intention of writing a novel. I opened up my NaNoWriMo page, thought of a provisional title, then opened Word. I hadn’t thought about what to write, I’d been too busy, but I love the… Continue Reading “Novel Polishing”