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Do You Really Know What You Want?

A long time ago I posted an article on how to get what you want, but what if you really don’t know what treatment you want or need for your documents to start with? It’s tricky, there are so many bits of jargon floating… Continue Reading “Do You Really Know What You Want?”

Dyslexia and social media

On Children in Need night McBusted/Mcfly drummer Harry Judd made a quip, spelt allowed as aloud and immediately he was hounded for his spelling. It brings to light another aspect of social media and everyday life. When the pedants come out and make snarky… Continue Reading “Dyslexia and social media”

10 Quick Checks That Could Save Your Website

Typos are making the news again. This month the Chicago Tribune has reported that a number of journalism graduates received diplomas listing their major as “Itegrated Marketing Communications” rather than Integrated (see… with an N). I hope they get new certificates! It may not… Continue Reading “10 Quick Checks That Could Save Your Website”