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The Editor’s Dream

editors dream

    Last week I wrote about every editor’s nightmare. So, this week let’s go more positive. Being a freelance editor has its frustrations and limitations, but there are also joys. There is nothing quite so satisfying as knowing that a good job has… Continue Reading “The Editor’s Dream”

Your Five Point Website Check

With the type of work I do I often have to check out websites. They could be shop websites, private businesses or blogs. They come in all shapes and sizes, from small one-page shop fronts, to large corporate websites. But there is one thing… Continue Reading “Your Five Point Website Check”

Ten Dangers of Being an Editor (or Proofreader)

messy shelves

    Since I trained as an editor I’ve noticed that there are a few dangers associated with the profession. Some are serious, some not so much… but if you are thinking of training as an editor forewarned is forearmed… You have too many… Continue Reading “Ten Dangers of Being an Editor (or Proofreader)”