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Content Consultancy for Business

Way back in March and May I penned a couple of blog posts about why businesses need editors. A lot of my other posts have also touched on the subject too, after all it’s not just publishers who should benefit. But recently it’s been… Continue Reading “Content Consultancy for Business”

Why can’t work be more like Candy Crush?

I did a bad thing over Christmas. Something I swore I’d never do. I started playing Candy Crush. I’m not stupid enough to think that it’s something I can do for long periods, although it did get pretty addictive. Once it was back to… Continue Reading “Why can’t work be more like Candy Crush?”

A Little Style

Did you know that there is something that will help an editor before they even start work? It’s something that can be as small as a mouse or as large as an elephant (figuratively speaking). It can be really simple or incredibly complicated. It’s… Continue Reading “A Little Style”