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Feeling the Freelance Squeeze

We are a nation where a stiff upper lip prevails. Often, rather than voice discontent, we mentally scuff our toes in the sand, hat in hand and look at the floor, mumbling. We don’t like to complain, even when things become slightly uncomfortable. Compensation… Continue Reading “Feeling the Freelance Squeeze”

Top 5 Tips for Freelancing in 2015

In case you missed it, it’s the New Year. On the horizon are a few months of crossing out the date when you write 2014, wondering where the last year went and a barrage of people telling you how to de-tox, de-clutter and deliver… Continue Reading “Top 5 Tips for Freelancing in 2015”

Kick Back and Relax

It’s the summer, the sun is shining and I’ve made a conscious decision to relax this year. I don’t know about you, but all too often I find that I look back and realise that I’ve spent the summer juggling between work, home life… Continue Reading “Kick Back and Relax”