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Are You Addicted to Training?

Do you always have a course on the go? Do you regularly have more than one on the go at the same time? Are you always searching FutureLearn or Coursera for your next fix? You may be addicted to training.     Now, this… Continue Reading “Are You Addicted to Training?”

How A Cartoon Helped Me Relax (And It Can Help You Too)

Running a business can be a pain. Ok, it can be brilliant, but it isn’t all kittens and roses. Every waking minute can revolve around your business. When you’re not doing your actual job, you’re thinking about it, about ways to improve it and… Continue Reading “How A Cartoon Helped Me Relax (And It Can Help You Too)”

When One Door Closes

This week has been a momentous one for me. Work has been plodding along nicely, but on Thursday I submitted my creative writing course end of module assignment. When I enrolled on the OU Creative Writing course A215 I really didn’t know what I… Continue Reading “When One Door Closes”