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Ten Reasons You Absolutely Must Network If You Are A Freelancer

Network. You must network.   Whether you’re a writer, an editor, a designer, a llama wrangler or any other type of freelancer you MUST network.   This is non-negotiable if you want to survive your freelancing years. I know, it’s a pain. You’d rather… Continue Reading “Ten Reasons You Absolutely Must Network If You Are A Freelancer”

No Bullshit Please

Last week I wrote about having a bad year. It wasn’t a massively thought out post, it was just a ‘no bullshit’ scribbling when, being perfectly honest, I could think of nothing else to write about. But it turned into one of the most… Continue Reading “No Bullshit Please”

The Value of Networking

  I’ve had a busy few days. Not all of it gainful employment. There’s been work, sample edits, coursework and piddling about reading work blogs when I should have been working. You get the drift. I like being busy (to be honest I’ve forgotten… Continue Reading “The Value of Networking”