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The Disney Effect

Disneyland Paris Castle

  I’ll let you into a secret. I’ve been away. A glorious week at Disneyland Paris, at a fabulous hotel, eating wonderful food and walking eight miles a day. And spending hours at a time standing in line to go on a ride that… Continue Reading “The Disney Effect”

Create the Moment for Your Readers

It’s been a rough morning. The puppies have been barking to be let out (perhaps, as corgis, they’re excited about the royal wedding?), my laptop just had a massive update and my email server isn’t working. But I fed two of my addictions –… Continue Reading “Create the Moment for Your Readers”

5 Steps To Effective Communication

Let’s get things straight. Writing is a form of communication. Your English may be perfect, but if you can’t communicate well, your audience is going to give up pretty quickly So here are a few quick tips for effective communication: 1. Know what you… Continue Reading “5 Steps To Effective Communication”