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Bookish Festivals for 2015

This week I’m off to Fife for the Scottish Community Drama Association Youth Finals with the Thurso Players Blackout crew. The team have been working hard and have held audiences spellbound with their performance, it’s going to be a memorable weekend! But never fear,… Continue Reading “Bookish Festivals for 2015”

Twitter Typo Terror

We’ve all done it…quickly typed a tweet, hit send then thought no more about it. Until you go back to your timeline and there’s a great big typo screaming at you. Sometimes you’re lucky and you realise straight away. Sometimes it’s hours. Sometimes it’s… Continue Reading “Twitter Typo Terror”

5 Basics of Freelance

It took me ages to get up the nerve to go freelance all those years ago when I set up as a genealogist. I’m rubbish at maths, how would I cope with a tax form? Would anyone buy my services? The internet was still… Continue Reading “5 Basics of Freelance”