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Getting the Balance Right

You hear a lot about “getting the balance right” when you are working as a freelancer. Everyone has their own idea of the perfect working day, and the work / play balance will be different for everyone and may change throughout time. What works… Continue Reading “Getting the Balance Right”

The Typical Freelance Day

Ever wondered what a typical day looks like? For many freelancers it’s a day of juggling, work, networking and the *ahem* occasional coffee. Add in family commitments, and leisure activities and it can get pretty full-on. So I decided to draw you a picture instead… Continue Reading “The Typical Freelance Day”

The Flexible Freelancer

Do you have what it takes? You’ve ditched the 9 to 5. You’ve got all your paperwork sorted out. You even have a comfy chair to work in. From now on, life is going to be hunky dory; work when you fancy, days off… Continue Reading “The Flexible Freelancer”